Periodic maintenance will help keep your Side X Side in the safest, most reliable condition possible. Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of important components can really extend the overall lifespan of your vehicle as well as insuring that every ride is a success.

Obviously vehicles that are subjected to heavy, severe or harsher conditions and use patterns will require more frequent inspection and service. Some examples of severe use are: racing, or similar high RPM use, frequent immersion in mud, water, or sand, prolonged low speed, heavy load operation, extended idle, and frequent short trips in cold weather where engine does not reach full operating temperature.

The manufacturers give both vehicle hours and a calendar schedule to ensure operators don’t over look any steps, but we will just give recommended hour and mile intervals as the digital hour meter/odometer is very easy to use. For hours and mileage use whichever comes first.

Engine Oil Change25n/a
Front Gearcase Fluid25n/a
Battery (check terminals)25250
Engine Breather Filter25150Inspect, Replace if necessary
Air Filter (replace)25500Can be replaced with a reusable/lifetime filter for $72.95
General Lubrication25-50250-500

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